Sunday, January 6, 2013

Books 7 and 8


Well's almost 4 am, again. I definitely have a problem. I know I could write this in the morning but I really like writing right after I finish the book and before bed. Two more books down today, and I cleaned my room, finally unpacking some of my things from school. Today was also the first day since I started this where I started a book but didn't finish it. The book was The Last Werewolf. Sometimes books are just not for you. I took a chance on it, but the beginning didn't grab me and after the first few chapters I was still left feeling confused and didn't want to continue with it, so I didn't. But it was worth it as the two books I read today were both really good, if very different from each other. 

Book 7: Not by Chance Alone

Author: Dr. Elliot Aronson
Genre: Psychology/Biography
Pages: 261
Series: No
Purchased or Borrowed: Borrowed from the library
Date Read: January 5, 2013
Day 5/365

5 stars
Until recently, I had not been very interested in non-fiction books. With little time to read during the hectic school year, when I did manage time, it was usually for something light and fluffy, a quick read or a series that I was already in the middle of. Non-fiction felt much too serious. But now I've realized that not all non-fiction is boring if you're interested in the topic. This book, written by Dr. Elliot Aronson, a famed social psychologist, was fascinating. I have a degree in psychology and had heard his name before, saw this book, and thought I would try it. I was not disappointed. He was a lovely writer, and even though there was quite a bit about psychology in the book (hearing the details of the experiments that I learned about in school was pretty awesome), it was also about his life, his family, and the lessons he's learned. I learned a lot from this book and I really am so happy to be going into the field of psychology. I've also checked out a wide variety of other psychology or psychology related non-fictions that I'm excited about. 

Book 8: Wallbanger

Author: Alice Clayton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: No
Pages: 300
Purchased or Borrowed: Purchased, Nook ebook
Date Read: January 5, 2013
Day 5/365

4 stars
Okay, so I was hesitant about this book at first. The title had me not so sure about the rest of the book, but it was only a few dollars so I figured why not. Luckily, the title was misleading, this was actually a wonderful story. Simon and Caroline are new neighbors, and meet after Caroline confronts Simon after repeatedly being awoken by his bed companions. I thought that he would be less likable for me because of this, but he really wasn't. He traveled a lot for his job, the women knew about each other and the situation worked for them. They end up spending a lot of time together as each of their two best friends meet and pair off, at first with the wrong friend, who they always saw as their "type". Admittedly, there is usually a formula for these types of novels, where things seem to be going well for the couple, then some big problem occurs where they split up, but they work it out and live happily ever after. This book wasn't like that, the characters fell for each other slowly, going from mutual dislike to mutual love, without any big silly conflicts between them. And the last chapter..was so hilarious that I actually laughed out loud..not so good for my little dog who I woke up from a dead sleep haha.

And speaking of sleep, I could really use some. 

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