Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book 2

Hi there,

So day 2 of my reading challenge, and I just finished my second book. I made another trip to the library today, and picked up a few books and signed up for their reading challenge.

Book 1 Review: Darker Still

3 stars
I found Darker Still to be an engaging read. It was set in the late 1800's and was about a young mute girl named Natalie who becomes embroiled in the supernatural aspects of a painting. Lord Denbury's soul has been trapped in his portrait, and the Devil takes to using his body to commit murders. I enjoyed Natalie's transformation and her interactions with Jonathan.
I usually read late at night and found myself thinking as the saying goes, you know what I haven't thought about in in a while? Monsters. It was a bit dark and gothic, and the author relates it back to The Picture of Dorian Gray. There is a sequel to this novel, called The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart, which I'm currently waiting on from the library.

Book 2: The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman
Genre: Fantasy
Series: No
Pages: 312
Purchased or Borrowed: Borrowed from the library
Date Read: January 2, 2013

2 stars
I liked the idea of this book a lot more than the actual book. It was about a boy named Nobody, who was adopted by a graveyard and given the powers of the ghosts after the rest of his family was murdered by a sinister man named Jack. His family in the graveyard and his guardian attempts to keep him there in order to keep him safe from Jack who is still looking for him. Some of the book was very interesting, but it felt drawn out and many occurrences didn't seem relevant or tied into the overall plot.

Now, I'm trying to figure out what to read next. After a quick look, through my purchased books, nook books and library books, I believe I have at least 70 books to read in the near future. But I'm really terrible at decisions and generally have a lot of trouble choosing which book I will read next when I have so many options. When I finally do choose a book, I may decide five minutes later that that particular book is not actually what I'm in the mood to read right now. Luckily, I have a wide variety of interests and can generally find a book to suit me at a particular time, otherwise I take a break and do something else. Earlier today that was watching Buying Alaska and House Hunters International that we had tivoed.

Off to figure out what to read next..maybe The Vincent Boys or something on my nook, we shall see. Tomorrow I'm off to the college library with my sister to pick up some interesting books I found on psychology and being a therapist, which is what I got my degree in and plan to go to graduate school for.


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