Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book 33

Day 23:

Okay, so yesterday I didn't feel like much like reading. I went down for most of the day to College Park to see my friends. I was pretty tired when I got home and couldn't decide on a book. I started one book only to decide it wasn't for me and ended up repeating this with another book today. I did manage to finish one book today and am halfway through another. I would like to finish it, but my head is killing me and telling me I should just go to sleep instead. I like writing these entries at night before I go to sleep though because for me night is my most productive time. It is also the time when I usually read and I like to keep the books fresh in my mind when I'm writing about them.

Book 33: Street Game

Author: Christine Feehan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 423
Series: Yes, 8 of 10
Purchased or Borrowed: Borrowed from the library
Date Read: January 23, 2013

3.5 stars
I love Christine Feehan's books, she was the author of book #4 from the Dark series as well. This book comes from the Ghostwalker series, the series I started last and was most reluctant about. However, I've found that I do enjoy them. They are military who thought that psychic enhancement was a good program for soldiers or individuals that were tested on as children, and it would have been if it had not been run by Peter Whitney. Whitney is a madman who enhanced given psychic abilities as well as changed their DNA in order to turn them into a sort of supersoldiers, ghostwalkers who can complete missions undetected. He's even gone so far as to pair ghostwalkers to make the perfect combat couple. This book is about Mack and Jaimie, a couple that had broke up a few years before over Mack's unwillingness to commit because of his love of his job, while Jaimie psychically can't stand the violence it produces. This was a new team (team 3 of 4 ghostwalkers), and I wasn't so sure about introducing more characters when there are already so many others that still need a story, but I did enjoy them. I liked the romance aspect of the book, but the writing regarding a few of the missions seemed disjointed, so that you forgot that they still had that to deal with it when it was suddenly thrust upon them again.

Right now, I'm about halfway through book #9 in this series and my plan is to finish it before I go to the library tomorrow to pick up some more books they are holding for me. But for now I need to work on getting rid of this migraine.


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