Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book 40

Day 29:

Today I realized the possible downfall of this challenge, besides the obvious of course haha. Reading has always been something I have loved and most of the time it has never felt like an obligation or a chore. I knew that there were some days when I would need a break from reading. After last night and that long book, I felt that the obligation of finishing it and getting it back to the library in time was more than reading that book for the enjoyment of it. I took most of the day away from it, had another doctors appointment, did some shopping, watched tv, and only then was I okay with reading something for a little while. I definitely needed something newer, light and easier to read and that was what I chose. No classics or psychology heavy books for me tonight.

Book  40: The Archived

Author: Victoria Schwab
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 321
Series: Yes, this is book 1 of 2. This book only came out a week ago and the second one should not be released for a while.
Purchased or Borrowed: Borrowed from the library (first one to read it :) )
Date Read: January 29, 2013

3 stars
There are three layers: the Outer, the world that most people know; the Narrows, an in-between place; and the Archives, which consists of the Library, the place where the Histories are stored. Histories are the bodies of the dead that contain the history of their life. The Histories don't always stay asleep though. Sometimes they escape to the Narrows, and it is the Keepers job to return them, and occasionally they escape into the world and then it is a job for a pair, the Crew to bring them back. Mackenzie is a Keeper dealing with the loss of both her grandfather, who passed on her job, and her little brother when her family relocates to an apartment in the Coronado Hotel. There she meets Wes, a fellow Keeper. But something is not right. There are more Histories than usual in her territory and there is some suspicious altering of memories from deaths that had occurred in the hotel long ago. As Mac tries to figure things out she gets even more embroiled in the plot to take down the Archives.

The premise of this book was interesting to me, the idea of the dead being stored on shelves in a library, and the effort to keep them out of the living world. I don't think I felt much depth in the characters though and so I wasn't that invested in things. I wanted to know who was doing things, but I wanted to know a lot sooner and it felt a little drug out. It has potential and I will probably read on to see what's next for this series as it was a fast read. To me it seemed as if it could be a stand alone novel so I was curious to see that it was going to be a series. Guess I'll have to wait and find out.

I found some more books on Goodreads to add to my list, and am now going to crash instead of starting another book because my head is still hurting.


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